Strong Bad Email #99

Stong Bad makes a song about a different town.

Cast (in order of appearance): Strongy, Talker, Marzi Pan, Yellow dog, Graw Mad, KOT, Some of my bubses, Gron Sad, THE SINKER, Star, Pan Pan, Sat-upon

Places: The Stick.

Computer: The Yompc 683

Date: Nite

Running Time: 12:34

Page Title: Decemberwern

Transcript Edit

INTRO: Check your email.

Strongy: Well, The Poopsmith he wouldn't talk, and Marzypan would keep guitars, and The Stick will eat my yellow dog and me. AND MAYBE STRONGMAD! And KoT will eat stuff. Bubs would sell Strong Sad who has wings. And Coach Z will be dumpy and Homestar will lose his star, and Pom Pom will pop. And Homsar will not be sat-upon.

Easter eggsEdit

  • Click on the computer at the end to view Homsar.