Strong Bad Email #17

Strong Bad watches TV, after being told not to.

Cast (in order of ignorance): Strong Bad, Strong Mad

Places: The TV Room

Computer: The Sloppy 700

Date: Somewhere around 1987, but i could be wrong.

Running Time: 4:30, i think.

Page Title: The Sloppy Rides Again


STRONG BAD: {singing} Oh, it's that time, that time again, time to check the emails!

STRONG BAD: {reads NJ as "No Joke"} So, Bingo, you don't want me to watch TV, huh? Or what, you'll come down and... smite me, or something?

{cut to TV room, Strong Bad is watching TV}

STRONG BAD: See, i defied your orders! What are you going to do now? {a bolt of lightning hits Strong Bad} Oh, that. Well, that teaches me a lesson. Never cross gods, never.

STRONG BAD: Strong Mad, let's go to this, No Joke place, and talk to this Bingo Bango.


{cut to some strange place, Strong Bad and Strong Mad are there}

STRONG BAD: Hey, Bingo! Show yourself!

{A cloud of smoke appears, and a dark shadowy figure appears}


STRONG BAD: I will not be your servant, man! I won't do anything for you anymore.

BINGO BANGO: We'll just see about that! {a bolt of lightning appears in his hand, he throws it at Strong Bad}

STRONG BAD: {dodges} Oh, a wise guy, huh? Well, two can play it that game! Strong Mad, take him out.

STRONG MAD: I WILL DESTROY YOU! {charges forward, Bingo dodges}

BINGO BANGO: Is that all you got? {charges for another attack} Let's see you dodge this!

{A bolt of light rushes towards Strong Mad}

STRONG BAD: Uh oh, i've got to do something! {pauses for a moment} Wait, i know! Hey, The Cheat!

THE CHEAT: {Makes The Cheat noises, meaning "Yes, what is it, Strong Bad?"}

STRONG BAD: The Cheat, use your gold tooth to blind him!

THE CHEAT: {makes affirmative noises, opens his mouth; his gold tooth shines brightly}

STRONG BAD: Cover your eyes, Strong Mad!

BINGO BANGO: {screams} My eyes!

STRONG BAD: Ha, that'll show you, you piece of crap!

THE CHEAT: {makes inquisiting noises, meaning "Did we win?"}

STRONG BAD: Yeah, i think we did. Good work, everyone! {Gives high-fives to everyone} Let's go home!

{cut back to the computer room}

STRONG BAD: And i think i know what to do with this thing. DELETED! {the Sloppy makes a DELETED noise}

{The Paper comes down}

Fun FactsEdit

  • Bingo Bango is an invincible Nordic god, famous for his short temper.
  • Apparently, The Cheat's gold tooth is so bright, it can blind people.
  • Strong Mad get's knocked out.