Julian: So...I just came to say...I picked Lucy. Errr, sorry I had to say it so fucking bluntly.

Ricky: hard feelings right, Sarah?

Sarah: None whatsoever.

Julian: Great, so we're still doin' good. Because I need to celebrate with a Molson.

(Ricky and Julian leave, Sarah begins crying)

(Open in a local bar)

Bob: guys can get off your fat asses for one second, right.

Ricky: Sheesh Luis, Bob, what are you thinkin'. You don't own me or anythin'.

Bob: Yes, but Bill does!

(Enter Shitty Bill)

Ricky: This is where I, um, left.

Bill: Mr. Guiterrez, you are free to go. As for you Julian, I think we need a little bit of time to...

...Julian? Where'd he go?

Jim: Dammit, he got away again.

Ricky: Sheesh Luis!

Jim: What are you still doing here?

(In the back room of the bar)

Julian: Bubbles, what the hell? You were supposed to smuggle me the beer. I thought you were my more trustworthy friend.

Bubbles: Dammit, man! What am I supposed to do? You know I have a weakness for Molson.

Julian: Yeah, but, now, how am I going to run from Bill?

Bubbles: What's wrong with Bill?

Julian: He's PEER COUNSELING me!!

Bubbles: Good Lord! How are you gonna get rid of him.

Julian: I figure Ricky could distract him long enough.

(Meanwhile, at the bar)

Ricky: 547 bottles of Molson Extra Ice on the wall, 547 bottles of Molson Extra Ice...

Jim: OK, I got sick of this at the 691st bottle!

Bill: I don't think there even is such a thing as Molson "Extra Ice"!

Bob: Hey, wait a minute, do you think this idiot is trying to distract us while Julian goes out and commits ridiculous crimes?

(short pause)

Stop him NOW!

Ricky: Wait, guys, I haven't even gotten down to the 500th bottle yet!

(A lot of running and screaming follows)

Marzipan: Hi, I'm Marzi. (She smashes a guitar)

The orange morange pecks everyone upside their head. Fhqwhgads comes in.

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