Strong Bad Email #23

Strong Bad goes to las vegas to deal with little Homsar.

Cast(whateva!): You-know-who, Homsar, The Cheat, Tom Cruise is here, Calvinhobbes, Little Homsar, SPECIAL GUEST: Eric Cartman,Stan Marsh,Kyle Broflovski,Kenny McCormick

Date: The day when I was born.

Running Time: 44:44 (wow, 4 fours)

Computer: The Sloppy 700

Places: Computer Room

Page Title: Pancak'd at chinese restraunt,and stuff!


INTRO: 1234567890!

Dear Mssr. Eleganté,
You left your pocketwatch in the hot tub. When will you be back to retrieve it?

-128 Hot Katies

STRONG BAD: you licked! Now, i'm going to Free Country,USA

HOMSAR:I'm going too.too.too.too.too.


{scene cut to the chicken}

TOM CRUISE: {offscreen,talking slowy} The following scene is to naked and violent and bloody and has bad making-love content not for children.I am now going to sing a song about the food, chicken until this disgusting scene for adults is over.Chicken is a good food. skin is also the best part.I like Chicken Popcorn. Chicken comes from chickens.They got killed,and had food to eat like cannibals.But if its not cooked, it has features of bacteria and such. When chicken is cooked,you eat it. it's very delicous.It's yummy in your stomach when it is cooked rare and hot. Chicken is now going to destro-

{scene cut to Las V}

Calvinhobbes:This sucks.

LITTLE HOMSAR:Im little brudder.


TOM CRUISE: i did it!

You-Know-What EggsEdit

  • Click on the sb to blow up your computer.

Click on the little homsar to have the sb not sit on him.

Fun FactsEdit

  • They didn't feel like fun facts.{sigh}