In Peasant's Quest, you control a poor guy called Rather Dashing who just had his cottage burned down by a big dragon called Troggy. In order to pass by the stubborn idiotic guard who's in your way, you must dress in ratty old robes, put on a smelly troll-thing's belt, and set yourself on fire.


Talk to the knight. Move two screens left and say "play in pig vomit". Rather Dashing will get dirty and cry. The pig turns into a troll. Eat the troll's arm. He will give you his belt thankfully. Move one screen up then go into a cottage. Steal the baby then throw him into the volcano two screens left. He will bite your clothes making them raggy. Then go back to the screen with the knight and start crying. Troggy will come and set fire to you. The knight then eats you. He says "Okay, you can go up now." {CREDITS ROLL}

Easter EggsEdit

  • Type 'billclinton' to lose 500 points.
  • Type 'firefoxstinks' to download a virus.
  • Type 'meow' to turn into a cat and get chased by a dog.