Powered by the Cheat is inarguably the best feature on the site, each episode gaining more viewers than 200 sbenails combined. The great quality of these toons can be attributed to Mickey Mouse, who created the series as a response to Mortimer's growing dominance in the market, putting him back in his place.

In-universe, the toons are animated by the Cheat, who, with complex and well thought-out stories, makes sure every frame of his animations are masterpieces, unmatched by any other flash artist, imitating the character's voices better than the characters themselves. He's won 10 Emmys, 12 Golden Globes, and 35 Academy Awards for his series. Because the Cheat is so generous, he lends animations to the other features occasionally, making them suck just a little less.

From now on, any decent to awesome flash animation on the internet is said to have "The Cheat's touch". And any poor to horrible flash animation on the internet is said to have "Mortimer Mouse's touch". And any person who uses either of those phrases from now on will be said to have the Homestar Runner Wooky's touch as of now.