This is the most advanced game on homestarrunner. It is so advanced that to download it you have to wait 900 years for scientists to make technology that can play it.


You play as Stinkoman as he valiantly tries to escape from being grounded by his mom by playing mini-games. Somehow, he thinks that will work.


The mini-games are, well, really mini mini-games. Once they load, they're pretty much done.


Not much. You just try to find all the mini-games in the narrow confines of your house.


Use left and right to eat cheese left and right. Use a and s to trip and fall.

Easter eggsEdit

  • Press E to make an easter egg fall on your head.
  • Press K to make a knife fall on your head.
  • Press 9 to make a snow leopard fall on your left ear.
  • Press 2 to make a birthday cake fall on your nose.
  • Type homsar to make your stinkoman sit on 5005050505050505050 Homsar.