Biography Edit

Strong Bad

No wonder people think he's a manatee

Strong Bad is what people in the country call a "wrestleman", but who we call "Strong Bad". Strong Bad is a villainous piece of crap with no feelings whatsoever. Though, that probably makes him the most normal guy in Free Country, USA. If you ask him how he types with boxing gloves on, of course you'll experience a death of the worst kind. If you make fun of Strong Sad without him, of course your face with gnawed off by his dog. If you go into his house uninvited, of course he'll kick you out on your toe. That's the way these youngsters react today.

Even though he's completely normal, thus completely boring, Strong Bad is the most popular character on the site, thanks to his career checking nails, as nails aren't nails unless they're checked. A saying older than life itself. Strong Bad found a method of checking nails on his computer, a method called e-nailing. To make it look cooler, he developed a show called Strong Bad Enail. It is now the most popular (if not only) e-nail show ever. He also likes to compose songs while he's on the toilet, or in other embarassing places.

When Strong Bad was young, he was abused by his drunked father, also known as Strong Dad. This is why he had to learn how to wrestle, so he could fight back. Judging by what he does now, he failed badly. His brothers, on the other hand, just waited until child abuse became a law and had him arrested, leaving Strong Bad to suffer the rest of the next years filled with his own suck. Strong Bad was already feuding with Strong Mad because of an incident in Middle school, where Strong Mad embarrassed him by pointing out an error in his math problem, which was 2 + 2 = 4. It turns out that 2 + 2 was actually 22. Strong Bad hates Strong Sad for a currently unknown reason, but someone could think of about 20 reasons off the top of their head.