What happens when Strong Bad reaches 50

String Bag Enail #Tooty

String Bag counts to twentytwoty.

Cast (In order of appearance): String Bag, Mom, Pop, Homestar, Starhome, IHOP employee

Places: Computer Room, Heaven, Hell, Denny's

Computer: Crappy 786

Date: Your birthday

Running Time: No human has ever watched the entire thing, so nobody knows.

Page Title: CRAPPY 786!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!........!!!!!!!

DEEBEEDEE: String Bag: The DBD


STRING BAG: I will count to twentytwoty.

{String Bag counts to twentytwoty}

Easter EggsEdit

If you go outside during Easter, you'll find one.

Fun FactsEdit


Funner FactsEdit


  • Chuck Norris wrote the script for this enail, but he denies it because now people think that he can only count to a number as low as twentytwoty.
  • I stepped on my shoe while watching this.
  • I was wearing a shirt while watching this
  • Some cow named TwiceStyle wrote this page


  • This enail is called "Yo mother", but Yo mother does not appear in it.
  • This enail is actually an enail.
  • Sometimes I get red splotches on my hands.


  • String Bag's head turns blue when he talks about his cat.

Inside ReferencesEdit

  • String Bag survives until about ten seconds into the enail.

Real World ReferencesEdit

  • At about twenty seconds in, Bill Gates appears onscreen.
  • At about twenty five seconds in, Oprah Winfrey appears onscreen.
  • At about thirty seconds in, you will probably stop watching.

DeeBeeDee VersionEdit

The DBD version features hidden creators' commentary. To access it, eat a piano.

Commentary TranscriptEdit

Cast (In order of appearance): Baseball

BASEBALL: Whatever baseballs say.

Fun FactsEdit

A baseball does the commentary.

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